“Beautiful Tianjin” documentaries coming up –

Tianjin is launching a documentary series titled “Beautiful Tianjin”, which will present panoramic views of the city’s landmarks and the best of its natural beauty, historical heritage and latest developments, all captured using drones and helicopters.

Its six episodes, each 25 minutes long, include not only must-see sites such as Panshan Mountain and the century-old Dule Temple, but also newly-selected internet sensations.

The newly-built landmarks reflect the new look the city has adopted since reforming and opening up as a modern, international, environmentally-friendly port city, with high-quality development, openness and inclusiveness.

Covering 11,916.9 square kilometers, Tianjin is endowed with mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, springs and wetlands.

The 72-kilometer-long Haihe River winds its way through the city and flows into the Bohai Sea, giving a sense of vitality to the entire area.

Boasting a long history of business trade and canal transportation, and one of the first cities in China to begin pioneering industrialization, Tianjin showcases special scenery with a blend of the west and the east, the old and the new.

Creating many firsts in modern China, it was hailed as a mirror of the country’s development over the last few decades.

It was one of the first coastal cities to start opening up and reform, and since then great changes have taken place.

It is the largest financial and trade center in north China and Tianjin Port is one of the busiest ports in the world.

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