Tianjin introduces measures to curb catering industry foot wastage –

The Tianjin catering industry is acting under the new rules promulgated by local government to curb food wastage, according to a local government news conference held on Aug 27.

To better guide food providers in the metropolises into the ‘new normal’, working plans and regulations have been issued to restaurants and online food platforms, stipulating behaviors that guard against the wasting of food.

Tianjin Commerce Bureau has also established a special leading group to carry out inspections and, based on the problems they find during the patrols, new laws and legal tools will be created and introduced.

Posts appealing for people to save food are being widely spread in local media and public areas to call for action from the public.

The measures are in accordance with a call from the central government to help prevent potential food supply uncertainties in the future, which are now a danger because of the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus which has negatively impacted the world economic order.

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